About Us



I have devoted, for very long now, to support the families and try to help them with drug problems of their family members, especially children. Struggling with substance use always happens to be a greater challenge than we can imagine. I want to show people not to be afraid of asking for help. That is a main step to the success. By empowering families with more knowledge and information about drugs we are on a right way to treat this disease of addiction. With right and compassionate support and guidance we may help our loved ones in their worse moments of the fight.

Experiencing personally suffering from my closest loved ones I swore I would write about it as more I can to inform people with similar problems and show that the worse thing is to suffer in silence. Silence is the first partner in crime of addiction. The more inner truth comes to light, addiction is in greater lost.  Addicts usually believe that freedom is not possible anymore. That’s why they stop speaking about it and don’t want help they desperately need. Kids especially are very sensitive “small” people who are usually just very afraid to admit to themselves and their family they have a problem because they don’t want to disappoint people they love and lose their respect. That’s why talking with your kids and lot of understanding can fight this thinking and make your child ask for help with less fear. One day you could just discover that your daughter has become addicted to “plain” painkillers or find your son using marijuana daily. It is primary to be immediately proactive and if not sure what to do, ask for any help.

Today with lots of experience with writing, consulting and other addiction-related researches I welcome all types of addicts, or persons with these problems in their surroundings to contact me, read my blog, seek for any help or advice. Without any judgment, I want to hear from you and do my best to understand what you are dealing with. It is important to express your pain, seek advice, ask questions and connect with more people as possible who will provide you needed help.