A Child Using Drugs Signs

Discovering if your child is using any legal or illegal drugs may be a great challenge. Typical teen or young adult behavior can be equal to some symptoms these substances provide. Just remember don’t ever be afraid to take a precaution on any unusual behavior. It is better you discover it was nothing then the fact you are late to do something about it. Getting professional assistance is something any expert would recommend to find out what’s going on.

Behavior signs

Basic changes will be noticed in family relations. Sudden changes of friends and hanging with other people who smoke a lot and have some other bad habits should concern you. A list of endless excuses, breaking curfews and being very secretive should get your attention. Laugh becomes forgotten, good and healthy sleep also because of high energy which gets “catching up” in some unusual time. Cash problems and needs just become more inquiring and disappearing become longer with every next one. The mood becomes showing in extreme measures, motivation and memory becomes minimalistic, talking also, the hyperactive mood is just more and more present with growing emotional stability.


Hygiene becomes poor, appearance messier. Unusual smells of clothes and breath are typical which they try to hide with lots of chewing gums. Physically you may notice in some time flushed cheeks and track marks. Usually, there is a strange wearing of long sleeves in summer so that they can hide these marks on legs and arms.


Some health signs while using drugs may be less effective such as being tired all the time, red and heavy-lidded eyes with constricted pupils, headaches, some nosebleeds or a runny nose with more intense sweating. This all, unfortunately, we may understand as some normal, rare situations lie flu moments. Contrary, these should be taken by more attention and observation. In some later phases of drug use, signs as vomiting, spots around mouth, sudden weight loss with lethargic movement and often injuries are usual to be noticed.

Kids present a source of worry for every parent. Our main goal about them is to grow health and turn up all right. Even if you don’t find direct evidence, our advice is always to trust your gut and take action. Nature always knows best. If you want to seek help for a family member suffering from drug and alcohol addiction visit Palmer Lake Recovery.