Basics About Drugs Every Parent Should Know

Cigarettes and alcohol

These are legal drugs which you may buy almost anywhere anytime. Yes, we all know it is restricted by the law to sell them to kids under 18 and 21, but we also know this is not something everybody respects. Smoking and excessive drinking are really dangerous for anybody’s and especially kids health.


Doctors are allowed to prescribe these for their patients, stores are selling them, and it is not a problem to reach them. Without a prescription, it is not safe and legal to use them any way we want, and there are many people who sell them illegally. Most frightening fact is that kids mostly take prescriptions from their parent’s medicine cabinets and even from their grandparent’s home. Intensity and consequences of some medicine if not used properly may be of huge danger.

Illegal drugs

Name illegal comes from the fact that the government included them in the controlled substances in their laws.  They effect person’s emotions, relationships, behavior not mentioning physical effects on your body even leading to death.  Kids are still growing, and their bodies are like sponges, their metabolism just inserts everything he gets in no time. This leads to big damages to many parts of the body such as brain, heart, lungs and other important organs. Heart attack, for example, may be caused in a teen with cocaine. Different people experience different consequences and experiences. It also depends on the age, body type or mental condition.

Other substances

New substances just keep showing up, and their control and tracking are getting difficult. For example, anabolic steroids which the first role is to increase muscle and bone mass by imitating male hormone testosterone. Dangerous side of these is particularly from their main role, playing with hormone balance especially in child’s body which is still growing can develop very bad consequences. Because they are taken by injection, there is a great risk of HIV and other hepatitis infections. Other also popular substances are bath salts, inhalants, spice, and salvia. Most dangerous of all is that these substances could carry much more dangerous effects since we already know because these products are relatively new on the market.

There are lots of resources around you from which you can get some advice or even help if you feel helpless about solving your child’s problem.