Parenting Tips

TipsOne is for sure. Parent is the first line of defense when it comes to your child’s problems, no matter if it is drugs or anything else. Keeping track of your child’s activities is by many parenting experts expected, but it is a democracy losing for your child. So you should be aware to make a great balance with that. By some small but significant steps, you and your child should be on the right path.

Setting rules

For sure this is very delicate part of the whole parenting story, but also very necessary.  This rules must be obeyed to keep yours and child’s safety. If there comes, a moment of breaking limits child must experience serious consequences to understand the danger of the situation.

Where your child is

Unsupervised time is most risky for behaviors such as taking drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and consuming sex. Especially over summer holidays and evening hours. A little research now and then what your kid is doing when you are not around would reduce these risks for sure.

Busy schedule

It is well known that kids think of doing a lot of stuff they shouldn’t or are forbidden if they have too much free time. Involving them in more sports activities, constructive or any adult-supervised will keep them from any similar risks.

Spending time together

Be involved in your child’s life, making a quality bond while shopping, riding in the car and talking all the time will for sure make great benefits for both sides. Even when you make boundaries, you will see it will not be so stressful to enforce consequences because there is much more understanding between you and your child.

Your child’s friends

How time flies by and your child is getting bigger, much more time is spending with his friends in school and other activities. Of course, there is a great influence from them on your child, so it shouldn’t be hard for you sometimes to invite them to your home for dinner or similar. Also visiting sometimes your child’s rehearsals, sports activities or other will give you a much clear picture.


Remember that kids while using drugs or anything else usually only see the just great risk of upsetting their parents and losing respect. You are the first one that has to understand and change that.